Villa Hygiea



Carl Miller built the Villa Hygiea at the golden age of summer retreats at Lake Wörthersee during the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy in 1876. Owner Franziska Lemisch named the villa after the Greek goddess of health- “Hygiea”. Probably for her husband, a doctor. One of their sons, Arthur Lemisch, made history as state governor by leading the county to the referendum in 1920.


The Villa Hygiea was the first of three still maintained villas at the western end of Pörtschach.




The Grossl family – guesthouse “Stöckl am Rain” and “Villa Hygiea”


After World War One and the downfall of monarchy the daughter of a Viennese industrialist, Franziska Anger, bought the villa in 1919 as a summer residence and married a professor, Ernst Grossl. Their son “Bibi” Grossl founded the 1st water ski school at Lake Wörthersee- he also was Austrian water ski champion- and was therefor co-founder of this sport in Europe.


During World War One and World War Two the Villa Hygiea became a guesthouse, “Stöckl am Rain”. Until 2012 descendants of the family lived in the villa.




Restart – Villa Hygiea


In 2012 the villa got new owners and was renovated. The villa also got back its old name “Hygiea”. Next to its name Hygiea, goddess of health, the main logo is accompanied by the tree of life.